On My Way to Health Check-In

I have a plan, but it is a loose plan to work my way to a healthier weight and overall lifestyle change. I will start by saying I did awesome with getting enough sleep this week! I worked the late shift, which enabled me to wake up around six. I made sure to be in bed and at least relaxing by 9:30 and usually sleep by 10:00. That gave me 8 hours a night. It would be impossible to do this during the academic year because my hours changed every day from opening shift to closing shift.  I commute to work, so I must be up by 4:45 in the morning in the early shifts. So being realistic, the earliest I could go to sleep is 9:30 5-6 hours of sleep was not enough. It is difficult working with children, parents, and fellow teachers when you are tired. So now I know the adequate amount of sleep give me the energy I need to function during work hours, and my sweet spot for rest is 8 hours. I am going to try and keep that going.

Now let us talk about water… I hate to admit this, but I detest water. It is a struggle for me to finish a water bottle in a day. That is bad, I know. However, I have a 40 oz container I have been using, and my goal has been to finish it by the end of the day. I am pleased to say that I have made the goal and usually have refilled the container in the evenings to have something to drink during the night. (It has been hot, and I have been craving it). Twenty-one days makes a habit, right? I am hoping after 21 days drinking 40 oz plus of water a day will be my norm. The only other liquids I consume are one cup of coffee a day. No sugar added—just oat creamer. Sometimes with dinner, I will drink iced tea. No sugar added. I feel I am on the right track with the water. (Yeah me!)

Food and sweets that is still a struggle. Breakfast has been uneventful. My choices are limited to oatmeal, fruit, hash browns, and toast. I did treat myself to Burger King on Friday but did not enjoy it. I only ate half the breakfast sandwich. I had leftovers for lunch or, a few times, food from work but in small portions. I’m eating too many carbs (pasta), but the amounts are smaller. I did have one of those 800 calorie drinks from WaWa but did not finish it. I stopped when I felt full. I went to a birthday party and had the best banana pudding ever; I just could not resist. So, it is safe to say my eating habits are still sketchy. I am working on it.

I did exercise this week!

Sunday through Wednesday, I did exercises that focused on my core and legs. This week I plan to do walking videos and core workouts. I did not do pickleball Saturday because it was dangerously hot and unwise for that sort of activity. Here are some of the links for what I used this past week.

I plan to do these same workouts again this week, plus take a 15-minute walk on my lunch breaks since the weather should be cooler this week. I do a weight check each week, and this week I’m at 161. I am hoping by the end of August; I’ll see some progress.

Well, enjoy your week and look out for my next health check-in next weekend!

  2 comments for “On My Way to Health Check-In

  1. July 24, 2021 at 6:23 pm

    Chloe Ting! Her workouts are INSANE but also super helpful. All the power to you!!

    • July 25, 2021 at 12:46 pm

      Yes! I’m huffing and puffing when I’m done but I do believe the workouts are keeping me motivated!

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