Short Stories: The Sarah and Charlie Chronicles

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Sarah and Charlie Chronicles Part One

Before Vanessa and Bryson became parents, Vanessa would lecture Bryson about needing more patience. When it came to raising children, they needed someone who had a soothing and reassuring voice, not someone who yelled and could be unreasonable. Bryson could not deny it. There were times he could be impatient and unreasonable. Bryson was not disrespectful to Vanessa, but there were times in his life when he had gotten into fights with his siblings or people at work when stress would overwhelm him. Vanessa wanted to make sure this would not filter over into their marriage or their parenting when the time came. That is why they both took parenting classes and had counseling to deal with any unresolved issues. That was not an easy thing to do, but they were both happy that it happened in the long run. It also strengthened their marriage.

Vanessa believed that children were a blessing. Vanessa grew up an only child and knew that she wanted a house full of children who would provide memories of laughter and good times. Bryson was on the same page; Bry knew what it was like to exist in a household with siblings. Bryson was the youngest of five children. Even though he had his fair share of arguments with his brothers and sisters, he would never trade his family for anything. It was not that Bryson did not practice patience or that he liked assuming the role of the bad guy; the problem was that he felt a strong sense of responsibility resting on his shoulders as a provider. He wanted his children to make good choices in life. That meant being stern at times and not allowing his children to act as if their choices would not have consequences. It is how his father raised him, and Bry turned out to be a great guy.

Bryson and Vanessa met their match when the twins were born. When Vanessa realized she was pregnant with twins, she was horrified. Two babies at once, along with the other two they already had, was a bit overwhelming. During Vanessa’s first trimester, she had nightmares about screaming babies always hungry, never slept, and always had to have her in their sight. These dreams were not new. Vanessa harbored the same fears with Joshua and Nate. Those deep-seated fears came from unresolved childhood trauma that Vanessa experienced as a child. Her father was abusive, and her mother suffered from depression. Vanessa’s home life as a child was chaotic, uncertain, and the only times of peace she has was when she stayed with her grandparents or her favorite Aunt. They were the anchors in her life.

Joshua is their oldest son. He is eight, and he was a well-mannered baby, ate well, adjusted to a reasonable sleep schedule, and liked to play independently. It gave Bryson and Vanessa hopes parenting would not be as tricky as anticipated. Two years later, Vanessa had Nate, who followed a similar pattern as the first, he was a little bit hyper and liked to push boundaries, but it was not anything Vanessa and Bryson could not handle. They were a team that had a strong family support system. Once a week, Vanessa’s Aunt and Uncle kept the boys overnight so Bryson and Vanessa could have time alone consistently every week. They have friends similar in age with who they could share experiences and concerns.

Vanessa wanted a baby girl. They decide to try for a third child, and if they ended up with another boy, that would be fine except, they ended up with twins. They got the girl they wanted plus another boy. If Sarah and Charles were born first, they would have remained a household of four; this is their story.

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