2021 What’s Different?

There will be no resolutions this year but instead, set goals for myself. Setting goals is what I did last year as well.

These were my goals for 2020:

  • Graduating from Wilmington University by December 2020 (Since I decided to obtain my child advocacy certificate and my degree, I had to take an additional class to graduate in May 2021 instead. Plus because of Covid, I would have missed having a graduation ceremony and I worked too hard to have that taken from me so holding off until spring was not a bad thing.)
  • Reach an ideal weight of 135 pounds (Because of the continuous stress in my life for numerous years, I used to stress eat and gained an unhealthy amount of weight that was starting to affect my health. I had prediabetes, back pain issues, and intestinal issues. I also did not like the way I looked in my clothes. It made me unhappy. I finally came to a point I had to decide to do something about it. That meant cutting back on eating sweets and fast food all the time. For a while, I was eating a plant-based diet and exercising three times a week. I went down to 148 pounds. Now I am at 158. I have started exercising again, drinking more water, and saving deserts for the weekend. I eat smaller portions and drink 32 oz fruit and spinach smoothies every day except Sundays.)
  • Be debt-free by the end of this year (I am proud of myself because I am not debt-free, but I’m better off than I was last year. My credit score has gone up a hundred points, I pay my bills on time, and I have money in my savings account, and that is something I never experienced before.)
  • Be divorced by summertime – Done! April 2020
  • Continue to grow in my relationship with God – (Something I will always be striving for! God will always be first in my life.)
  • Make more friends– (The pandemic sort of messed this goal up for me. Going out and making new friends is not easy for me, but I have faith it will happen with time.)
  • Make good memories – (Even with the pandemic I can honestly say I have made some good memories this past year.)

Parts of 2020 went by like a blur, having to quarantine for five months from work played a significant role in that for sure. There is so much I want to talk about, but I have no idea where to start. It is a good thing I’m doing this for me, and until I get the hang of this, there are no formal rules. Some days I’ll have a lot to say and other times not so much. I got back to work tomorrow after two weeks of a Christmas break. Well, more than two weeks since my job shut down a few days early because of Covid. Anyway, that is it for tonight.



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